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Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP) was established in 2000 as the first SAVE agency in Bulgaria. The agency is promoting efficient and sustainable use of energy and renewable energy. Its services are utilised by the public administration, businesses communities, and consumers. It carries out feasibility studies, energy and environmental analyses and modelling, energy and air quality projects identification, development and management. More than 50 EU projects were successfully completed.

It is a founder of the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (АBEA) and Green Synergy Cluster and a proud member of FEDARENE and NATUREEF networks.

Energy Agency of Plovdiv is a science-based organization developing and implementing technical, environmental and social innovations in the field of EE&RES, energy efficient engineering solutions, advanced renewable biofuels and materials. The activities of EAP cover: energy and environmental modelling, management and planning at local and regional level; energy and environmental analyses, emissions inventories, energy auditing of buildings and SMEs, designing of EE measures implementation; development of sustainable energy communities/smart cities; emissions inventories and monitoring; testing of biofuels, compost and bio-wastes; development of new EE and RE/clean energy technologies; ISO 50001 and carbon footprint consultations; technical support and advice, pilot projects implementations. Development of training and education materials is also among the main priorities.

Two main research centres are functioning as Offices for knowledge transfer providing laboratory and consultancy services in one. The first one is the Bioenergy Research and Innovation Centre that provides leading research and innovation activities as well as core expertise and competence in the fields of bioenergy and bioeconomy. The research infrastructure of the centre includes the Analytical Laboratory for Testing of Solid Biofuels, Compost and Bio-waste accredited to ISO 17025. The Laboratory is one of the 30 laboratories worldwide approved by the European Biomass Association as a testing body for the ENPlus pellets certification scheme. The second research unit is the Centre for Integrated Management of the Air Quality, EE and RES that provides research and innovations in the field of air quality and energy measurements, monitoring, management and modelling. Emissions measurements of stationary source-heating and industrial installations using a portable emissions analyser (gas analyser for engines, turbines, boilers, furnaces, and more) as well as imissions measurements of PM10, PM2,5 , NOx carried out by the Mobile Air Quality Laboratory at the Center.

The other activities of the EAP cover: public, residential and commercial building inspections through a drone-mounted thermal imaging camera to identify air leakage and thermal bridges and to support energy auditing of any type of buildings and installations. The thermal imaging camera is used for detection and visualization of air infiltration and exfiltration, as well as inspection to reveal missing insulation, HVAC air flow and equipment issues, radiant heating malfunctions, compromised roofing, and much more.

Energy Agency of Plovdiv

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