Representatives of the Energy Agency of Plovdiv met with Mr. Emil Rusinov,

the mayor of districtEast, Plovdiv municipality  


                                                                                                               Press Release


The Energy Agency of Plovdiv continues its series of meetings with mayors and experts from the regional administrations within the municipality of Plovdiv.

At the beginning of this week, representatives of the agency met with Mr. Emil Rusinov, the mayor of the district “East” within Plovdiv municipality. The held conversations and discussed ideas were in the context of the objectives and priorities for municipalities’ sustainable development, i.e.: reducing energy consumption in the municipal infrastructure, renovating the existing building stock to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and energy independence, having a cleaner and more attractive urban environment.

The Energy Agency of Plovdiv could provide a technical assistance within the framework of the one-stop-shop service for energy renovation of public and residential buildings in the "East" district. The already functioning "one stop shop" is a part of the MultiHome project and its expert team advises citizens on the renovation process of their homes, replacing old heating appliances and integrating individual RES installations. MultiHome will also assist citizens through a consultation platform that will provide a direct connection with suppliers of products and services in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies.


Within the framework of another ongoing project ReHABITA, the agency advises vulnerable and energy poor households about the possibilities for renovating their homes in order to achieve greater thermal comfort and to lower their electricity bills. Close cooperation with financial authorities will offer financial models to help residential building owners and ensure suitable financing for the renovation.


During the meeting, concrete possibilities for accomplishing energy surveys with the idea of subsequent application of investment energy efficiency measures were discussed. Àlong the line of GINNGER project /Energy Agency of Plovdiv is a partner in it/, an access to digital tools will be provided that will assist citizens and municipalities in the planning of measures for renewed sustainable housing.


                                    Photo: Energy Agency of Plovdiv