Children's book "Cycling Marathone"

Аuthor and illustrator: Mila Popnedeleva-Genova
Publisher: Energy Agency of Plovdiv

A review about "Cycling Marathone" in Knijanka is here. "Kids enjoy adopting the behaviour of their heros. If the hero is on bike, your kid will also want a bike. It's that simple! That's why your kids will love "Cycling Marathone", said Gijs Stivers who travel Europe and Africa on bike. See illustrations from the book in our the "Cycling Marathone" Gallery.

Children's book "Bambo the Cyclist"

Аuthor: Borko Burborko
Illustrator: Mila Popnedeleva-Genova
Publisher: Energy Agency of Plovdiv

You can thumb through photos from the theatrical performance "Bambo the Cyclist" in our special Bambo Gallery and in the Bambini Project.

Students' package "Аctive Learning"

Publisher: Еnergy Agency of Plovdiv

The students package "Active Learning" is approved by the Ministry of Education and can be applied in the ecology classes in the grades 1 to 6. It includes a teacher`s guide, a notebook for students and colourful poster for the energy consumption. You can order them here.

Book "The eletroenergy of Bulgaria"

Аuthors: prof. Plamen Tsvetanov, eng. Georgi Stoilov, Liyana Adjarova. eng. Temenuga Manojlova, eng. Georgi Bosev
Publisher: Energy Agency of Plovdiv

The book "The electroenergy of Bulgaria" analysis the energy demands in Bulgaria and gives facts on the current trends and technologies locally.

Енергийна Агенция - Пловдив

За повече информация, разгледайте нашата брошура: Корпоративна брошура Енергийна Агенция - Пловдив

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