One-stop-shop for energy efficiency,renewable energy and energy communities for the Plovdiv Region

In the light of the vision of the Article 21* of the EU Directive for energy efficiency, the Energy Agency of Plovdiv provides an innovative service - a one-stop-shop for consultations on EE, RES and energy communities. This is a continuation of the long-term efforts of the Agency to support the Municipality of Plovdiv and their citizens to renovate their homes in energy efficient way.

The aim of the one-stop service is to provide administrative, technical, legal and financial consulting about energy renovation of public and private buildings, information on the replacement of old and inefficient heating systems with modern and more efficient appliances and advice on the implementation of RES and energy storage technologies in buildings.

The service is intended to assist municipalities, residential and small non-residential customers and users. It includes consultation and advice in a physical office and online i. e. recommending energy saving measures and technologies, providing a list of trusted suppliers, as well as guidance on how financing can be obtained.

One-stop-shop offers:

  • integrated services - from information and consultations up to analysis of buildings, preparation of energy audits, technical studies, preparation of documentation and design support for investment projects;
  • complex expertise for citizens and municipalities (informational, legal, financial, technical) during the entire process of energy renovation of buildings;
  • technical and legal support to municipalities for the launch of public procurement for the implementation of EE interventions, after discussion of the results of energy and technical audits;
  • information for citizens about possibilities of applying for grants, loans or other forms of financing, for appropriate and innovative EE measures, including:
    • upgrading and replacement of old heating/cooling systems
    • implementation of individual RES installations
    • selection and implementation of innovative integrated packages of EE interventions (thermal insulation together with highly efficient heating systems and/or RES production).

Within the framework of the one-stop shop service, the Municipalities of the Plovdiv Region can also apply for energy audits or updating the existing ones according to Ordinance No. Е- RD -04-2 /16.12.2022 of the Municipal Council, as well as for other feasibility activities for municipal buildings for which there is a vision for the implementation of EE measures, regardless of the sources of funding.

* Article 21 reinforces obligations towards consumers, in particular the accessibility and provision of information, measures to raise awareness and advice or assistance of a technical and financial nature offered. By creating one-stop shops, single points of contact and out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms, structures are being put in place that will significantly help empower consumers and end-users. Finally, obligations are included in this article to identify and remove obstacles related to the separation of incentives between tenants and owners or between owners.

Energy Agency of Plovdiv

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